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PS pellets

High Impact Polystyrene (or Anti-Shock) suitable for extruding sheets or rolls intended for deep-container thermoforming.

The applications of the PSHI are endless: products of white line, display units P.L.V., toys, automotive sector, ...

With anti UV additives it can withstand sun degradation.

We have special stress cracking (ESCR) resistant PSHI, combining high toughness with high chemical resistance to oils, fats and chemical agents in industrial and domestic fields.


Our PSHI is UL94 HB certified "all colors" at 1.5mm (UL file E83071). This degree in natural version by its composition fulfills the requirements established by the main norms regarding the plastic materials for contact with food (including the EEC Directive 90/128 and subsequent updates).


As we have our own laboratory we have the opportunity to make PSHI of any color.

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